Questions and Hints about Linux software: Виснет вертикальная панель при открытии 8 окон

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title: Vertical Gnome Panel freezes on 8 open Windows
Виснет gnome-panel, если открыть много окон в одном рабочем пространстве. Баг появился где-то в районе 704 или 710 версии, то есть давненько…
Скопировать скрипт gnome-panel-fix, сделать его исполняемым командой
chmod u+x gnome-panel-fix
sudo ./gnome-panel-fix

Скрипт gnome-panel-fix:
if [ $(whoami) != «root» ]
echo «You must run this script as root.»
exit 1
apt-get install fakeroot
apt-get build-dep gnome-panel
apt-get build-dep libwnck
apt-get install devscripts
mkdir -pv /tmp/gnome-panel-2.2x.x-fix
cd /tmp/gnome-panel-2.2x.x-fix
apt-get source gnome-panel
apt-get source libwnck
wget -v -nc
tar xvf paskma-patch.tar
GPV=`dpkg -s gnome-panel | grep «Version:*» | grep -oE «[[:digit:]]\.[[:digit:]]+\.[[:digit:]]+»`
WNCKV=`dpkg -s libwnck22 | grep «Version:*» | grep -oE «[[:digit:]]\.[[:digit:]]+\.[[:digit:]]+»`
echo «current gnome panel version: $GPV»
echo «current libwnck version: $WNCKV»
sed -i «s/2.22.2/$GPV/» gnome-panel-paskma.patch
sed -i «s/2.22.1/$WNCKV/» libwnck-paskma.patch
patch -p0 < gnome-panel-paskma.patch
patch -p0 < libwnck-paskma.patch
cd gnome-panel-$GPV
debuild -us -uc
cd ..
cd libwnck-$WNCKV
debuild -us -uc
cd ..
dpkg -i *.deb
rm -rfv /tmp/gnome-panel-2.2x.x-fix
echo; echo;
while true; do
read -p «Do you want the patched packages to be locked so Synaptic won’t nag you to update them with new (possibly buggy) ones?

If unsure, you should reject this now, as future updates could have a solution for this issue, and you can always lock them yourself by copying the commands used in this script. [y/n] » yn
case $yn in
[Yy]* ) echo «gnome-panel hold» | dpkg —set-selections; echo «libwnck22 hold» | dpkg —set-selections; break;;
[Nn]* ) break;;
* ) echo «Please answer yes or no.»;;
echo; echo «The fix should work the next time the gnome-panel is started.»; echo;
while true; do
read -p «Do you want to log out now so gnome-panel can be restarted? [y/n] » yn
case $yn in
[Yy]* ) /usr/bin/gnome-session-save —logout; break;;
[Nn]* ) break;;
* ) echo «Please answer yes or no.»;;

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